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If you don't want to make the commitment to a fully solar powered energy system, consider investing in solar water heating. Water heaters can account for up to 35 percent of a home's energy usage. A solar powered water heater is a less expensive alternative to converting your entire home to solar power.

An increase in financial literacy should help boost flows of money in Japan, Nakata said at a press briefing, adding that the country's No. 2 brokerage by revenue will focus on earning money from advising on cross-border mergers and acquisitions (M&A). "I am thinking a little more aggressively about business in Asia," Nakata said. "I would also like to actively develop new business areas such as our credit and REIT businesses." Earlier on Monday, Daiwa reported a net profit of 26.7 billion yen ($234.7 million) for the third quarter ended December, versus 26.4 billion yen a year ago. In its wholesale division, profit more than doubled to 16.9 billion yen, given an increase in stock and currency trading, and a rise in overseas M&A. "We'd like to proceed more positively overseas on M&A," said Nakata. "Considering the potential for improvement in the U.S. (economy) under Trump, I think we can invest more in M&A." The company's retail business, which caters only to the domestic market, however, reported a 29.8 percent drop in pretax profit for the October-December period to 9.5 billion yen, as individual investors stayed on the sidelines. Daiwa's retail arm accounted for more than 40 percent of its revenues in the year ended March 2016, highlighting the firm's exposure to domestic market conditions and the importance of the success of Abe's fight to banish deflation.

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